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Entergy New Orleans vs Archer Western - Contract dispute

Lakes at Highland vs Willows at Bayou Fountain - Development issue

Fidelity National vs Landmark Surveying - No Work Affidavit

Wilbert vs Landry - Drainage dispute

Spanish Lakes Subdivision Drainage Lawsuit - Levee failure

Vicknair vs City of Baton Rouge - Injury location

Perkins Rowe vs Kimley Horn & Assoc. - Faulty civil design

Carlino vs Garry Lewis, et al - Servitude of passage

Bodin vs Diversified Capital - Boundary dispute

Claitor vs Juban - Boundary issues involving fence

Shadow Creek Ranch - Pineville Lawsuit - Faulty civil design

Southdowns, Lot 6 Lawsuit - Drainage issue

Swaggert vs Health Sciences Park - Property sale dispute

Kleinpeter vs Cole Development - Drainage issue

Swaggert vs City of Baton Rouge - Resubdivision dispute

Edgewater Partners vs Boone Services - Drainage and flooding dispute

Home Depot Lake Charles Lawsuit - Early settlement

Livingston Holdings Boundary Dispute - Property line dispute

Smith vs Trinity Materials - Construction cost dispute

Trahan vs City of Lafayette - Drainage servitude

Rogers vs Horseshoe Entertainment et al - Drainage dispute

Brown vs BowlusMorgan vs Livingston Parish Library - Access & drainage dispute

Ortego vs Weststar Construction - Sewer issue

Ingram vs Ferrer - Sewer issue

Quad A. Hammond LLC vs Heaslip Engineering - Drainage issue

Seagle vs Guilbeau - Flooding issue

Zeringue vs City of Baton Rouge - Drainage and health issues

Kelly Sullivan vs Gail Byrd - Property owner's dispute

Capital One Bank - Injury due to a fall

Landry vs Guinn Auction Company - Boundary issues

Terral vs Union Parish School Board - Flooding from school property

Bell South vs Archer Western - Construction conflicts with phone cables

Northwood Development vs Naomi Collins - Issue with completed subdivision

Mistretta et al vs Dimattia - Drainage issue

Fortner vs IMS - Fatal accident due to faulty manhole

Jackson vs City of Zachary - Drainage issues on roadway

Carmouche vs Durr Construction - Dirt work contract dispute

Hines vs Waterworks District No. 10 - Hidden conditions on water main project

Woodward Design vs Batture, LLC - Flooding of design-build project

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